Early Detection of threats allows mitigation or even avoidance of loss of lives
Alertness and preparedness allow a resources efficient Rapid Response
Lives are safer when you know when and what


Institute for the Detection, Evaluation and Notification of Threats
and the Protection of Lives

We help to protect lives worldwide. Through research, investigation, analysis, planning and advisory liaison, we provide to the emergency and public safety services in diverse countries, with advanced advisory assistance on the detection, evaluation and response to threats of large impact and on the protection of lives.


Any threat to lives should be detected the earliest possible for mitigating their impact and consequences. Field work, research, investigation, liaising at a worldwide level and the advancement of specialized technological resources are all important factors for an effective detection of threats. IDENTPOL works at all these levels for providing early warning to those who will make the best use of it.


The evaluation and analysis of possible threats to lives and the analysis and evaluation of events which caused loss of lives must be coordinated and complementary.
This will lead to understand the dimension of impending threats through the experience and knowledge acquired from previous similar occurrences. Deep analysis allows estimative projection which allows increased safety.


Threats to lives can be sudden or of relatively slow development. They can be in the form of natural disasters, man made disasters, catastrophic technological failures, hostile actions, natural evolution, criminal actions, social deterioration or a combination of some of these. In all cases, to develop a plan for prevention, mitigation and response will reduce considerably any impact and aftermath.


  • Early warnings
  • Notifications and Publications
  • Advisory briefings

The above are some of the tools which, together with liaising, allow IDENTPOL to extend its assistance to emergency and public safety services worldwide. Green, orange and red advisories may also be issued in specific cases of impending threat to large quantity of lives.

A unified source for advisory assistance

The detection and response to threats of specific types, require the efficient reaction of one or more of the three main emergency and public safety services: Fire and Rescue, Medical Emergency Services and Police as well as other law enforcement services. But threats and events of large impact require a coordinated and well interlaced response from all emergency and public safety services available in the area where they occur including the three basic services mentioned above plus emergency management agencies, disaster response services and emergency teams engaged in preserving or restoring basic public services. IDENTPOL liaises and provides advisory assistance not only in an specific manner to each service but also concerning unified response.

Personnel presence

IDENTPOL's research, analysis and liaison personnel work from several offices and liaison offices around the world. Itinerant or specially assigned personnel may be present where no liaison offices are available.

Research & publications

Advisories and other publications are available directly issued to emergency and public safety services who registered interest. Some publications may be also available at book stores and online book stores.

Founding statement

Our hope for survival and evolution rests on our capacity to learn from the negative and to share the positive.
2009-12-12 Founding Communication


  • To study threats of large impact with the purpose to advance in their detection and response.
  • To advise and liaise in the protection of lives worldwide